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Boxall Cats

I came into this world owning a cat and hope to end my days the same way. In my dream world you cannot turn round without seeing a cat. I think it's safe to say I am a cat person.

Perhaps it would be fairer to say that THEY OWN ME. If you know cats, then you know who the boss is. Every cat has a strong and distinct purrsonality (sorry, couldn't resist). I have met cats that hold grudges, and cats that forgive. Cats who share and cats who do NOT. When you talk cats you talk idiosyncrasies. This variation in personalities is the only excuse I have for having so many cats. Dammit, I just love cats.

In memory of Sherlock, 1994 - 2001

A collection of photos


Morgan, Arthur, and Merlin (in that order) when we first got them from the sanctuary.

And, in the same order, at approximately 10 months

A very tiny Ben, and two photos of Hobbs

Seamus, Tom holding Baal, and Merlin, all grown up

Morgan and Tabitha

Pyewacket and Tarot (brothers)

Mia ("Mischief In Action"), and Princess as a kitten



Synchronized munching