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8th November 2002

The band were awful, the Principle was boring, the mikes didn't work properly, and there was a fire alarm halfway through the evening, which resulted in us all having to troop outside in the chilly November night (false alarm, smoke detector in the cafeteria set it off, something to do with Swedish meatballs). However despite this chaos the Class of 2002 graduated proudly, many are now at prestigious Universities, and out of all of these students only one had a baby with her. Not bad at all really.

Rhiannon receives her OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma - AKA High School Diploma).

Sorry about the quality of the photo but the best I could do under the circumstances. At least the flash went off this time!

When the speaker read out that she is currently a Nanny for 3 children the entire audience gasped. We're not quite sure why.

A proud Dad and the boy who just won the CUPE award for service to the school. You can even see a likeness between them here (same smirk!)

....Actually there are quite a few similarities, now that I think of it. Both Martin and Alex look fairly "conservative" from the front....but both have long ponytails behind, a grey ringlet and a dyed black braid respectively. Getting them both into suit and tie was a major achievement I might add.

Alex had an um...interesting...evening. He's the head of the sound and light crew, and was already nervous about leaving juniors in charge while he and the other competant technician sat down at the front. He had a head set and mike and was seen talking to the guys in the booth constantly. When the sound system let out a large rude noise (causing much laughter) as the Principle began his (terminally boring) speech, Alex jumped up and ran to the back to applause and cheers of "GO BOXALL!". A few seconds later the sound was working.

Nothing went smoothly actually. Martin's truck almost broke down (tranny) on the way home from work, and he only arrived with 3 minutes to spare to see our kids get their awards. One of THOSE nights.......

(Below) Back home - The party after. Note change of clothes....