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Organic Gardening and Farming

(Page Under Construction) Information on this site is for those already eager to use Organic Methods on their land, however if you need to know WHY you should do this, I have written an article called But WHY Organic? which may convince you.

The Cornerstones of Organic Growing

Good Soil The soil your plants grow in is their bed and their food. It needs to be comfortable and nourishing. You will need to add compost and manure to it in a variety of forms, and it helps enormously if you have animals that can provide you with a regular supply of manure. Anyone can make compost from kitchen and garden waste.

Crop Rotation Planting the same crop continually in the same place is an open invitation to pests and diseases. Planning ahead and rotating crops carefully can reduce these problems dramatically.

Companion Planting

Beneficial Wildlife


Biodynamics Nasty name for a very sensible way of growing. I happen to KNOW this works, and I recommend this site.

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