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(aka introduction to genealogy on my site)
by Melanie Rose Boxall neé Wake, born March 27th 1962 in Bexleyheath, Kent, England.

My interest in my family history began in early childhood with my grandfather's insistence that we were descended from Hereward the Wake. He also told of a family curse caused by Wakes dabbling in the black arts. Unfortunately he died before I started researching my ancestors, my father died when I was a baby, and the only uncle I had contact with until recently is the baby of the family and could not remember his grandparents names.  So for many years I concentrated on the other lines, including my maternal grandfather's family, which my mother's cousin had been studying also. Then I married and started on my husband's lines for my firstborn son. It took me twenty years, and the internet, to finally sort out the Boxalls. Of course, now I am in Ontario, Canada I'm over 3000 miles from my English roots, and so I do rely heavily on on-line resources and e-mails from the kindness of strangers - although many turn out to be distant cousins! I'm gradually putting all my information on-line, in the interest of reciprocity, it may help someone the way other sites have helped me. If you are reading this and think you may be related to me, don't be afraid to contact me, not just for genealogical stuff, but to say "Hi" too, it makes the world a smaller place!

My breakthrough came from my "long-lost" Aunt Margaret and I'd like to show my appreciation here for her graciousness in accepting a phone call after 40 years of neglect, and her kindness in putting documents in the mail.

This is me, aged two. Cute huh? I still have that rabbit too.

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When I was young we lived at 10 Penhill Road, Sidcup, Kent with my maternal grandparents. I never knew my Dad, I was just 4 1/2 months old when he died.

< A cherished photo of me and him together on August 10th 1962, just two days before he died. His name was Ralph Terence Wake. He was born in Welling, Kent, on June 22nd 1928.
He worked for London Transport as a bus conductor. My maternal grandfather drove the bus. These are his badges >


My mother's parents George Lees Norton and Jessie Dora Druitt.

The Norton Tree
My father's parents Francis George Wake and Florence Mabel Hooker.

The Wake Tree

Surnames covered on this site so far: Boxall, Wake, Richardson, Norton Paine, Marshall, Hooker, Druitt, Rolfe, Johnson, Trowell, Russell, Hudson, Wingfield, Bentley, Kirk, Packham, Kingsnorth, Cross, Powell, Corke, Hudson, Aubury, Macnamara, Hanson, Wood, Newenden, Trinder, Pierce, Gay, Burse, Hosmer, Small, Farley, Tanner, Briggs, Cramp, Vane, Hues, Waterman, Baldock, Steade, Allen.