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P.B., Sage, and Olivia, posing for the camera.

Sage. Looks full Boer, shh, don't tell! His Mom is..........

.......Dolores, who we named simply from that expression. She's Saanen/Nubian.

Sorrel, another of Dolores' triplets. And finally........

..Chicory, the third triplet.

Pygmy Goats

Fred, a horned pygmy goat, Pebbles' Dad.

Solstice, the little black buckling who was born Dec 21st, with Mom (no horns), and Grandma Wilma with horns in foreground.

Solstice with a better view of Mom, Pebbles.
You can just make out the dark shape of Solstice's Dad, Tuxedo, behind the fencing.

Wilma's twin boys, Beavis (black) and Butthead (light grey).

Other Animals