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Links, Disclaimers, and Warnings

First of all, although I work very hard on collecting this data, I am not an experienced genealogist. Although I've been putting my family tree together ever since my first child was born in 1983 it has been very slow progress and most of the information you see on this site is research or collected data gathered from the Internet since 1997. The vast majority has been done in 2002. It's an interesting and absorbing hobby, as it coincides nicely with two of my other passions, i.e. history and webpage design. Those are where any real expertise I have lie. But I do like a good puzzle. Genealogy is a special type of jigsaw with people as pieces. A lot of detective work is required, and my knowledge of English history comes in extremely useful. I double check everything I upload, but THERE MAY STILL BE ERRORS, as I have NOT yet aquired many of the official documents to confirm my findings. I rely very much on the kindness of strangers (albeit often related ones) sending me info both on-line and off, and although their intentions are honourable, sometimes memories aren't always reliable.

The purpose of this site is to share my findings with other people. It concentrates on my own ancestors, with some basic advice for those just starting out - advice I could have used myself! It is very easy to find onself following leads that turn out to be red herrings, but even these are not a true waste of time as research can be handed on. The BEST way to trace your family is by visiting records offices in the places they lived. That's not so easy if you live on the other side of the world, so these days most of us take full advantage of all the Internet resources available.

On-line I find the following sites to be invaluable when I am searching: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' vast database of names and familial connections. On-line searching is free. CD's are available for a modest fee.  Large free search database donated by site users. Well-used message boards. Search facility could do with some improvements. Some free searches on-line including Free BMD - Births, Marriages, and Deaths. This resource is incomplete but well worth your time. Other services are chargeable. Links to same free database and forums as Rootsweb. Free searches on the database. Still growing and looks promising. An older free search database which links to other sites. Lots of errors on some of these, but still worth using.  Free searches of 1881 census, with full records available at a ridiculously low fee. I happily paid for this friendly personal service. Temporary test site for on-line searches of 1901 UK census. Free basic search, chargeable for details. Full of (sometimes) amusing, (sometimes) irritating errors, but an absolute delight nevertheless. Not one of the better sites, forum is not used very often, and free searches are quite limited. But I've had some successes there. This has a wealth of information but it varies dramatically in quantity from area to area. Also contains a great how-to section for beginners to genealogy. All info pertains to UK. Downloadable maps, infinitely better than Mapblast.
Cambridge BMD

I must also mention the wonderful people who frequent the soc.genealogy.britain usenet group who have cheerfully looked up census returns for me and offered help, advice, and good humour. See their FAQ at

Don't forget to make full use of your search engine when looking for people. I always use Google .

Beware of on-line family trees !!! 

You see my disclaimer above? Well......some sites ought to have a disclaimer which reads:
"Warning! All information on this site is totally unchecked, full of guesses and/or impossible dates and relationships, including (but not limited to) people with two sets of parents, or born after they died, or born twice.....and some information is best described as mythological. Quite often attempts by others to correct my errors have been ignored by me. Use of any data from my website could waste your time, annoy you with wrong turns and bogus information, and make you the laughing stock of serious researchers. I made this site because I am a loser with too much spare time and I enjoy annoying genealogists who care about facts."

You have been warned.

The other warning

Genealogy is seriously addictive. Spending silly amounts of money on air fares just to look at gravestones and staying up all night surfing the IGI are only the early symptoms.......if you are new to this, don't say I didn't tell you.

Incidentally, if you are new to this, do make a point of visiting the Genuki site.

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Here's the stuff that pertains to me personally:
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