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Love to Learn

This section of my website is to answer those who tell me to put up or shut up when I criticize modern education methods. I believe the system failed me. I refuse to let it fail my children. I have written a background page separately to give my story and a little about my children, which may be of interest if you are reading this wondering what experience I have. Let me be straight with you. I have zero formal teaching qualifications. I love to teach but would never do so under the current system.
I hope my literacy and intelligence is self-evident from my writing. Computer skills likewise. You will see my wide knowledge base in other pages. I am self-taught for the most part.  If this sounds a bit pompous, I'm sorry, but it needed to be said. Rest assured that my sense of humour will balance this out.

It is clear to me that the modern education system fails on a regular basis. Kids leave school unprepared for adulthood in many and various ways. Everyone involved blames everyone else. The fact is that responsibility for success falls on all those involved to some degree. That includes parents. It's common knowledge that parents who do not support and encourage their children are an enormous barrier to success. Because of my interest in this issue I talk to many teachers, in many situations, on a regular basis. They tell me there is a direct correlation between parental involvement and success in school. This should come as no surprise. If you are a parent reading this, you already care. If you are a student reading this, you are self-motivated. If you are a teacher reading this, you are as worried as I am. Unfortunately, those who are not reading this unless persuaded to by one of us are the ones who really need to.

In the latest experiment to avoid "failure" students are allowed to graduate with low marks. This is absurd. Some of these students could have achieved higher marks, the others would have benefitted from a totally different schooling. No student should ever be allowed to fail at being the best he can be. Ignorance and low self-esteem are a key root to the many problems facing modern society. Let's do something about it.

It's gonna cost ya.