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Martin aged 19,
when we began dating.

The Day Before Our Wedding (we worked together)

Best Dad in the world.

Just a small one.

Martin Richardson Boxall

Martin and I go back a LONG way. We first met when I was 6 and he was 8. We met up again at 17 and 19 respectively and have never looked back. This music is "You're My Best Friend" by Queen (his favourite band) and says it all. We enjoy each others company so much that we hope to one day work from home together in our own business so we never have to be apart. Martin is now 42 and just as much fun as the first time I met him, and those deep brown eyes still get me every time. He has the wackiest sense of humour you have ever come across, he'd give the entire Monty Python team a run for their money (see picture below). Martin is a truck mechanic by trade but his first love (after his family, who is absolutely devoted to) is his woodworking. He makes anything from knife racks to kitchen dressers. He's a keen fisherman, and loves sports of all kinds although his soccer playing days are over thanks to worn out knees, so he coaches the local kids' team instead. What else can I say about this man, he's wonderful.

Martin the clown demonstrating how smokey our old charcoal barbecue was (in WW2 gas mask)

My favourite picture.

Getting older:)