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Medieval Boxalls

For Thomases see also the complete Thomas Boxall list

Hoping to connect these into a chart ultimately, but meanwhile, here's the list: (more being added regularly as I find them!)

Edward Boxell born 1560 Bramshott F. Edmund Boxfold

Edward Boxall married Agnes Baker 1594 Headley

Edward Boxold born 1612 Lurgashall F. John

Edward Boxold married Alice Eed 1612 Lurgashall

Edward Boxold married Mary Jobson 1636 Lurgashall

Edward Boxold born 1639 Lurgashall F. Richard M. Joane

Edward Boxold born 1639 Lurgashall F. John M. Katherine

Edward Boxold married Elizabeth White 1646 Lurgashall

Edwarde Boxall married Charity Peto 1654 Thursley

Edwarde Boxall born 1655 Thursley F. Richard

Edward Boxhole married Rose Holloway 1664 Upmarden

Edward Boxhole born 1670 Compton F. Edward M. Rose

Edward Boxall born 1675 Elstead, Surrey F. John

John Boxall/Boxshell married ? Simmons 1572/1573 Ardingley

John Boxhall married Joane Wheeler 1573 Ardingley

John Boxall married Joane Mylles 1575 Lurgashall

John Boxold born 1678 Lurgashall F. William Boxold M. Elizabeth

John Boxall born 1661 Dunsford F. John

John Boxall born 1665 Petworth F. Thomas

John Boxall married Sarah Penfold 1671

John Boxall born 1681 Lodsworth F. Thomas M. Joan

Nichollas Boxold born 1571 Bramshott F. William

Richard Boxall born 1579 Frensham ("rel. Cornwell")

Richard Boxall 1587 Easebourne

Richerd Boxold married Annes Cumber 1589 Lurgashall

Richard Boxall born 1590 Godalming

Richard Boxold born 1595 Bramshott F. Robert

Richard Boxold married Caterine 1597 Bramshott

Richard Boxold born 1597 Bramshott

Richard Boxold born 1602 Lurgashall F. William

Richard Boxoll born 1612 Godalming F. Richard

Richard Boxall married Mary Coomes 1613 Godalming

Richard Boxall born 1618 Midhurst F. Robert

Richard Boxall born 1619 Godalming

Richard Boxall born 1620 Headley F. Richard

Richard Boxall born 1621 Elstead F. Richard

Richard Boxall married Alice Edwards 1629 Godalming

Richard Boxall born 1630 Thursley F. John

Richard Boxall/Boxold born 1631/32 Haslemere F. Richard M. Dorothy Hughes

Richard Boxall born 1631 Thursley F. Richard

Robert Boxold born 1585 Bramshott F. Robert

Robert Boxold born 1589 Lurgashall F. Richard

Robert Boxall born 1599 Kirdford F. John

Robert Boxole married Elizabeth Whitworth 1602 Midhurst

Robert Boxall born 1610 Midhurst F. Robert

Roger Boxall born 1579 Selham ("rel. Mills")

Thomas Boxall born 1542 Headley F. Wyllyam M. Kateryn

Thomas Boxall married Joane Chasemore 1565 Dorking

Thomas Boxall married Alice Graveline 1566 Lodsworth

Thomas Boxsall born 1579 Lodsworth F. Thomas

Thomas Boxall born 1598 Lodsworth F. Roger

Thomas Boxhold born 1603 Farnhurst F. Wylliam

Thomas Boxold born 1604 Lurgashall F. William

Thomas Boxall born 1608 Slindon ("rel. Cornwell")

Thomas Boxall born 1615 Westbourne F. John

Thomas Boxall born 1617 Kirdford F. John

Thomas Boxsall born 1622 Kirdford F. Henry

Thomas Boxall born 1631 Easebourne F. Richarde

Thomas Boxold born 1634 Lurgashall F. William Boxold

Thomas Boxold born 1640 Lurgashall F. Edward Boxold M. Mary

Thomas Boxall married Mary Quoyfe 1656 Petworth

Thomas Boxall born 1659 Warningcamp F. Robert M. Sarah

Thomas Boxall married Joan Martin 1665 Witley

Thomas Boxall married Joane Simmons 1687 Petworth

William Boxall married Kateryne ? 1546 Headley

William Boxhold married Clares Batell 1561 Headley

William Boxsall born 1570 Lodsworth F. Thomas

William Boxold married Annes Liger 1596 Lurgashall

William Boxhold born 1599 Franhurst F. William Boxhold

William Boxshall married Jane Comber 1604 Ardingley

William Boxsall born 1605 Lodsworth F. Roger

William Boxole born 1606 Lurgashall F. John Boxole

William Boxold born 1607 Lurgashall F. Nichollas Boxold

William Boxold born 1608 Lurgashall F. Thomas Boxold

William Boxall married someone 1625 Farnhurst ("rel. Cornwell")

William Boxall married Mary Kinshot 1627 Farnhurst

William Boxold born 1628 Lurgashall F. William

William Boxold born 1634 Lurgashall F. Richard

William Boxoll married Mary Westbrooke 1634 Kirdford

William Boxald married Agnes Hersey 1637 Lurgashall

William Boxold born 1638 Lurgashall F. Will M. Agnes

William Boxeall married Bridgett Hurste 1640 Tillington

William Boxold born 1642 Lurgashall F. William M. Mary

William Boxold born 1644 Lurgashall F. John M. Alice

William Boxold born 1648 Lurgashall F. Will M. Mary

William Boxold born 1651 Lurgashall F. John M. Sence

William Boxall married Anne ? 1651 Thursley

William Boxall born 1655 Lurgashall F. Edward M. Mary

William Boxhole born 1666 Compton F. Edward M. Rose

William Boxall married Elizabeth Hursst 1667 Lodsworth

William Boxall born 1668 Slindon