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But WHY Organic?

Organic Growing means the cultivation of crops using a variety of methods that are in harmony with nature. The Organic Grower does not see nature as an enemy which must be fought and overcome, but as something to utilise and work alongside.

Modern methods of farming, espcially on a large commercial scale, has resulted in an industry totally dependant on chemical products. Growing a single crop, lack of crop rotation, intensive farming methods, all produce problems unless laced with pesticides and chemical fertilizers, but these produce their own problems, and the cycle repeats.

Organic Growers have broken that cycle of addiction, by improving the soil instead of denuding it constantly, by finding ways to prevent the pests and diseases instead of simply killing every insect in the vicinity.

Many people today are becoming less trusting of the Scientists who deem the levels of pesticide residues in our food to be safe. Many times in the past few decades previously "safe" pesticides have been suddenly withdrawn. Many of us predict the same will happen with those currently in use. We are not prepared to wait around and risk our long-term health for short-term profit.

And it is short-term. In the long-term no-one truly benefits from the food produced by chemical methods. In fact in the area I live only the Organic and Alternative growers are making any real money. The Small-Scale growers don't have to pay for all those chemicals, need far less machinery, and do not have the distribution costs that the "Big Boys" have. Plus, the market for Clean Food is so great now that the market price of Organic produce can be as much as twice that of the regular items.

In my opinion Organic Growing is the only method worth considering whether you have a few tomato plants on an apartment balcony or 50 acres of "Market Garden".

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