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Rhiannon as Cleopatra

Rhiannon as a baby
Rhiannon Leonie Boxall

Rhiannon is not only my eldest daughter but one of my closest friends. We have a lot in common, but she has her father's personality, so I find her very easy to get along with. Her great passion in life is Army Cadets. She plays drum in the Corps Band and has been in many, many parades and displays. She is single-minded about a military career, and plans to go to Kingston Royal Military College and become an officer. She's one of those people who acts on her words and she's no quitter so I think she'll probably have a great career. She has very little time left over after Cadets and schoolwork (she is a straight A student in a gifted program) but usually earns money babysitting and for relaxation she listens to a variety of music, or rides horses. She has a crazy sense of humour and a very strong personality. Never, ever, get on the wrong side of her.......She starts Grade 12 in September.

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