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Sian aged 4

Sian as a baby
Sian Elizabeth Boxall

Sian starts grade 7 in September and it's going to be a real challenge for her. Although not yet officially identified everyone who has dealt with her at school knows she is dyslexic and she struggles with many areas of learning at school. She can read and write but it's such a chore for her that she fights it, and she needs a lot of encouragement. Just for balance she is musically gifted. She can sing unaccompanied from a piece of sheet music and can play any tune on any simple instrument by ear. She will either be a professional singer or music teacher so we won't lose any sleep over the other stuff. Sian is really tall for her age and this combined with her dyslexia, which does have a physical impact, makes her very clumsy. Unfortunately she is also very adventurous and already has had stitches in her chin from trying to fly, and still has paint from her brother's bike impaled in her face. She is a wannabe of her big sister, and loves the Spice Girls so I thought this music was very appropriate. Sian is very knowledgable and very concerned about the environment, and wants to help on the land and with the animals. At two years old she spent an entire day in a pigsty, we just couldn't persuade her to come out, and she LOVED the baby pigs, so farm life suits her down to the ground. She loves all animals, and says she would like to be a farmer and part-time singer when she grows up. She could do a lot worse.