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You like knowing what happened before you did, but usually it's either presented in such a dry, boring way that you nod off, or you get the History Channel version (here comes the Roman legion, build background music for tension, cut to wobbly camera shot of tree, use same extra to play 93 parts, oops he's still got his watch on.......).

Well here you get the straight facts, in a style you can enjoy. I promise.

We also test you, he he he. Each day a new fiendishly tricky history trivia question goes up on the Quickie page. There you'll also find the daily hot link, some other Website with seriously cool history data.

Your first test is to look at the background here (or back to the History Front Page for the clearer version) and tell me what each of the little pictures is of. Send answers to me at Chovhani's E-Mail and for real kudos I'll list on this page all those who got them all right. Amaze your friends!

Finally there's a petition to sign, for Chovhani to be granted a superior history degree from a prestigious University based on this site. I don't have it in me to go and study all those dreary texts and listen to dull professors, but I'd like to BE a professor, so if anyone has a place on their faculty for such an obviously brilliant teacher, give me call! (I've found that modesty gets you absolutely nowhere.)

OK, enough of that, visit Chovhani's Amazing History Sitemap, which is the page you really ought to bookmark............

New this week: History in the Bible