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Very Clever People

VCP stands for Very Clever People, scholars and experts who share their knowledge with us in books, lectures, and TV documentaries.

What a pity so many of them talk out of their bottoms.

Of course it's healthy for experts to disagree, less so when they turn their beliefs into a bias, allowing it to become so entrenched that they simply won't allow for another point of view.

They deserve respect for their years of study, but it is still a good idea to treat them with caution, get a second opinion, and do your own research. Never be afraid to argue with them. Some may try to intimidate you, but hold fast, ask questions, and if they seem a bit unsure, or begin with "it is widely believed that.....", get out your oxometer*, and start reading. Many of them know no more than you do.

Happy Historying.

* = BS detector.