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The name of Wingfield is supposedly of Anglo-Saxon origin, and first recorded in Suffolk, and it means. There are several places named Wingfield, not only in Suffolk but also in Bedfordshire, Derbyshire and in Wiltshire, and it is assumed that the surname derives from one or more of these places. This means that without a common origin for Wingfields there are actually several completely distinct lines, and in fact a group of wealthy Americans are doing DNA research into this. For the rest of us good old-fashioned written records will suffice, and the aim of this page is to bring you as many Wingfields as I can. I have collected data from various sources and endeavoured to link individuals together into trees.  

We begin necessarily with the "noble" Wingfields of Suffolk.  If you are nowhere near backthis far it probably seems rather meaningless, but bear with me. This site should allow you to link to these guys!

Robert de WINGFIELD, of Wingfield, b. abt.1222
    Robert de WINGFIELD, of Wingfield, b. abt.1248, married Johanna Falstof
          Thomas de WINGFIELD, of Wingfield b. abt.1272, married Alice de Weyland
                 1.John de WINGFIELD, of Wingfield, b. abt. 1279, married Anne Peche.
                           John de WINGFIELD, of Wingfield, b. abt. 1305, married Elizabeth Honeypot.
                                   John de WINGFIELD, of Wingfield, b. abt. 1327, married  Eleanor Glanville
                                          Katherine WINGFIELD, of Wingfield b. 1349, married Michael De La Pole, 1st Earl of Suffolk
                 2. Thomas de WINGFIELD, of Wingfield, b. abt. 1328, married Margaret Bovile.
                            John WINGFIELD, of Letheringham, b. abt. 1345, married Margaret Hastings
                          1. Lewis WINGFIELD, of Letheringham, moved to Hampshire                                                 
                                                  1. Anne WINGFIELD
                                                   2. Edward WINGFIELD
                                                               Richard WINGFIELD, 1st Viscount Powesrcourt
                                                                       Richard WINGFIELD, 3rd Viscount Powerscourt
                                                                                 Richard WINGFIELD, 4th Viscount Powerscourt, married Isabella Brownlow
                                                                                           William WINGFIELD

                                   2. Robert WINGFIELD of Letheringham, b. 1370, married Elizabeth Russell
                                           Robert WINGFIELD MP, of Letheringham, b. 1403, d. 1451, married Elizabeth Goushill
                                                  1. Elizabeth Wingfield, of Letheringham, b. abt. 1452, married William Brandon
                                                  2. Agnes WINGFIELD, b. 1448         
                                                  3. Henry WINGFIELD, of Orford, b. abt. 1434, married Eliabeth Rooke
                                                              Robert WINGFIELD of Upton, b. abt. 1480, married Maragaret Quarles
                                                   1. John WINGFIELD, married Margaret Thorold
                                                                              1. Edward Maria WINGFIELD
                                                           2. Anthony WINGFIELD
                                                                               3. Elizabeth WINGFIELD
                                                                               4. Frances WINGFIELD
                                                                               5. Alice WINGFIELD

                                                                   2.  Robert WINGFIELD of Upton, b. abt. 1530, married Elizabeth Cecil
                                                                            John WINGFIELD MP, of Tickencote, b. 1565, married Elizabeth Gresham
                                                                1. John WINGFIELD, b. abt. 1600, married Frances Cromwell
                                                                      John Wingfield, b 25 Jun 1623, Tickencote, Rutlandshire, married Mary Owen
                                                                            Thomas WINGFIELD, 20 Mar 1664, Tickencote, Rutlandshire, moved to Virginia.
                                                                2. Robert WINGFIELD
                                                                                    3. Paul
                                                                                    4. Elizabeth
                                                   4. Sir John Wingfield, of Letheringham, Sherriff of Norfolk and Suffolk, b. abt. 1425 married Elizabeth Fitzlewis
                                                             1. Elizabeth WINGFIELD, of Letheringham, b. abt. 1481 married Francis Hall
                                                              2. Sir John WINGFIELD II, Sherriff of Norfolk and Suffolk, b. abt. 1450, married Anne T(o)uchet
                                                                        1. Sir Anthony b.1475
, married Elizabeth Vere
                                                                           1. Richard WINGFIELD b. 1515, of Crowfield and Wantisden,  married Mary Hardwick
                                                                                              1. Henry Wingfield, married Elizabeth Risby
                                                                                                         1. Mary WINGFIELD, married William Dade
                                                                                            2. AnthonyWINGFIELD  
                                                                                                         3. Gilbert WINGFIELD
                                                                                                         4. Harbottle WINGFIELD
                                                                                                         5. Elizabeth WINGFIELD
                                                                                   2. John WINGFIELD
                                                                2. Elizabeth WINGFIELD, b. abt. 1515
                                                        2. Edward
                                              3. Sir Edward WINGFIELD,  married Anne Wydeville (or Woodville), Countess of Kent
                                               4. Sir Richard WINGFIELD, married Bridget Wiltshire
                                                                        Thomas Maria WINGFIELD, married Margaret Kerry(e)
                                                                                     Edward Maria WINGFIELD, b 1570, moved to Virginia
                                       5. Lewis WINGFIELD    
                                                               George WINGFIELD
                                                                        1.  Richard Wingfield, b.1557, married Honora O'Brien, moved to Ireland    
                                                                                    1. Honora Wingfield 1607, married Sir Donough MacConor of Lemeneagh O'Brien
                                                                                    2. Sir Edward Wingfield abt. 1609, married Anne Cromwell
                                                                                                Richard Wingfield MP, married Elizabeth Foilliott
                                                                                                           1. Folliott Wingfield, Viscount Powerscourt, b. 1642, married Lady Elizabeth Boyle
                                                                                                           2. Anne Wingfield
                                                                        Lewis WINGFIELD


      1.Ludovic WINGFIELD, b. abt. 1520
      2.Sir Robert WINGFIELD b. abt. 1464 (diplomat)
      3.Sir Humphrey (speaker of the house of commons)

Sir Richard WINGFIELD, b. 1468 (acceeded Kimbolton Castle, Huntingdonshire), married Catherine Wydeville
Richard Wingfield b: ABT. 1469 in Of Kimbolton Castle, Huntingdonshire , married Bridget Harvey
           Lawrence WINGFIELD b, 1514

This is all well and good, lots of titles and important jobs, but what about the humbler, younger sons who had to work for their living, and move off to other places?
If you've been trying to trace your Wingfield line back and reached a "brick wall" because they were ordinary, working class folk,
Read on.........

Virginia                 Hampshire                Ireland                London            Derbyshire