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Alex and Tom: Two of a kind

Brand New Alex: 30 minutes old!!

Alex's Grade 8 Graduation Photo
which he HATES!
Alexander Martin Boxall

Alex is officially a genius according to the Board of Education, but he's not quite as conceited as you would think. He's actually a very warm, funny, and responsible kid, who is a pleasure to have around. I don't know how many women can count their teenages sons among their closest friends, but I am honoured to do so.His life revolves around the computer, it's almost an extension of his body, but he does find time for social activities. He turns 18 in July, and starts Grade 13 (OAC) this September and is planning on a career in computer software programming. He has asked me if he can be excused college if he's earning $100,000 a year running his own business by the age of 19. Obviously we said "YES"!!! I believe he can do it too, he already works in his spare time for a software developer. Alex is obviously an experienced big brother, not only to his own 5 younger siblings but to all kids. If you have any computer-related enquiries he can usually help so feel free to e-mail him.