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First Solids




Breast or Bottle

Wouldn't you think by now common sense would have prevailed on this topic? No chance!!

Choice? What choice? When I was born my mother was strongly discouraged from breast-feeding, and by the time I had my first child 21 years later it had swung right the other way and we were brainwashed in pre-natal classes that we MUST breastfeed or the sky would fall in (well almost).

As it happens I was unable to produce more than a dribble of milk, despite all my Earmotherly instincts, and quickly discovered how much nonsense is being shared around about this.


So I raised 6 bottle-fed babies, all of whom are very healthy indeed, and the one who has a food allergy is allergic to artificial additives (shame they all aren't really) so I don't see a connection.

If your child is bottle-fed, for whatever reason, even if it's a silly reason, (and I'm not into judging here), he'll be just fine so long as:

Everything you use is CLEAN.

You buy a reputable formula (most are, just don't buy Soy without a damn good reason), and don't change it every five minutes.

Prepare it exactly as directed on the packaging.

Offer on demand just as if you were breast-feeding.

Be prepared to supplement with solid foods at 6 months of age.

Bottle-feeding in poverty-stricken conditions is a bad idea, for obvious reasons. If you are reading this on a computer screen then you can afford to buy enough formula, and keep the utensils clean, so we don't need to dwell on that.


Obviously breast milk is preferable. It's purpose-designed, free, on tap, sterile, perfect temperature, AND it contains antibodies to protect your child against disease all through his life. It is, quite simply, perfect. And it is the most natural thing in the world. If you want to breast-feed, don't be put off by idiots. People who are offended by the sight of a woman breast-feeding her child in public have a serious problem which they need to work out. It's not your problem, and you should just ignore them. They are the same people who want animals to wear underwear.

Having taken the trouble to care this much, to worry this much, to study this much, and to come to this decision, whichever it was.....when your child is older and ready for solid food remember that natural is best, and anything else is a last resort. And when your child is SICK, remember that natural medicine is best, and anything else is a last resort. And if you ever find yourself doubting this, ask yourself WHY breast-feeding was an issue in the first place. Don't ever forget.