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Herb Index

I am happy to give personal advice on herbs and remedies by e-mail until this list is complete, and afterwards too, if I haven't covered your specific needs. There is no charge for this service, but if you feel you have been helped or cured by my advice, please show your gratitude by making a donation to a charity of your choice, perhaps a health research one, or Greenpeace.

HerbFlowerConditions mainly used forStorageComments
MallowPinkThroats, Lungs,StomachUse freshVery versatile
EchinaceaPurpleColds,Influenza,WoundsUse freshVery safe
ValerianPurpleAnxiety,Stress,InsomniaUse driedDo not exceed stated dose
Golden SealInsignificantInfections, Ulcers, DiarrhoeaUse driedDo not exceed stated dose


I am NOT a qualified doctor, naturopath, herbalist, nurse or any other health professional. I was brought up by an old-hippy Mom, and have spent my entire life growing and using herbs, for a variety of purposes, but healing is the most rewarding part and this is what I concentrate on. I have six children and I treat my family very successfully with mostly home-grown herbs, even for serious illnesses such as pneumonia. I am not AGAINST modern medicine, but I try to use a natural remedy wherever possible. Sometime herbs can be used alongside pharmaceuticals, and today many doctors even encourage this. If you are in any doubt about the safety of herbs, or of possible reactions with drugs you are taking, do speak to your doctor. There is no substitute for a qualified herbalist/naturopath, and I am not suggesting that you use my site instead of finding one, but if you CAN'T find one immediately, or you are looking for a quick, safe remedy for a minor ailment, this is a good place to begin. All the information you will find on this site has been very carefully researched.

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