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These are the beginning of a collection of links (which I will eventually sort into categories). I do not necessarily support any or all of the views on each site, however they are all useful and interesting. Enjoy

Body, Mind, Spirit - Healthy Living Community
Holistic Goats
Apollonia Farm
Grandad's Farm Magazine
Ishmael Community
Michael Moore's Homepage - Useful Botanical Info
Urban Agriculture
ATTRA - Inlcuding Links to Organic Seed Companies
Organic Seed Company and Natural Gardening Resources
The Permaculture Activist
Solar Cooking
Low-Stress Livestock Handling (****** Site on this topic)
Cob Building
More Cob Building
Fiber Barter/Swap Page

Homesteading E-Journal

Holistic Animal Care

Bunch of Links
More Links
Natural Holistic Pet Care
For Horses

Human Holistic Health

On-Line Magazine
Holistic World
The Holistic
Great informative links, studies and legislation
Not 100% holistic, but a good source for health information
Shirley's Wellness Cafe
Offers a free e mail list from Onelist
The Holistic M.D.
Provides excellent source to find a holistic practitioner in the United States
A glossary of therapies
Good site offering discussion board, newsletters and other info
VERY informative site
Find INTERNATIONAL holistic practitioners!!!
Alternative insurance

Holistic Parenting

Healthy and Natural
Alternative Parenting
Awareness Magazine
Holistic Teachers
Family Clinic

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