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Me at 22, Alex's 1st birthday.
Barefoot and pregnant and blissfully happy!

Where I belong.
In the wild, wild woods.

Me aged 4 months.
The day before my Dad died.

Melanie Rose Boxall

Hello!! This whole Website is about home and family and I suppose I'm the centre of the family. When I married at 18 I had no idea I'd end up with six children, but what a wonderful adventure it has been! I have had so many lucky breaks, finding a good man, and my various happy homes. The family come first but when it's ME time my overriding passion is my crafts. There are a few crafts I don't do, it would be easier to list's a selection of what I do (in no particular order). Knitting, sewing, crochet, quilting, embroidery, cross-stitch, folk art painting, wood burning, dried flower creations, rug braiding, stencilling, rubber stamp art, candlemaking, doll and teddy-bear making, corn-dolly making, macrame, beadwork, leatherwork, papier-mache, jewellery making, and of course Webpage!! I also grow and prepare my own herbs for culinary, craft and medicinal use. Other than that I like hiking, music, movies, cooking, and eating out with friends. I like sport about as much as I like being kicked in the teeth, so Martin and I have a wonderful arrangement, he gets to watch whatever he wants on TV (usually baseball this time of year) because I've got my head in my craftwork and it's just a hum in the background. I could go on but don't stay on this page, go and see the others!!!
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