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Michael when he first
learned to run.

Michael as a baby
Michael Ralph Douglas Boxall

Michael is our bonus baby. After 5 we really thought we were done but this little guy was determined to join the family and we're so glad he did. Michael is a clown, his whole day revolves around fun, action, and love. He enjoys the outdoors far more than indoors, but when he is indoors he likes to play with cars and trucks, puzzles, and blocks, and he's also a great bookworm. He dances and sings, and really hams it up. He loves animals and has no fear of the biggest dog. He was a very early talker and at 3 1/2 tells long imaginative stories with pefect grammer. He sings the theme songs to his favourite TV shows, his favourite of which is Teletubbies. He's a vibrant healthy little boy with stacks of energy, and he sleeps 12 or more hours at night. Are we lucky or what?

He starts Junior Kindergarten in September. I wish his teacher luck....