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Natural Cosmetics

  • Never again worry about headlines telling you that ingredients in your shampoo are killing you.
  • Save yourself a fortune.
  • Use ingredients from your kitchen and garden.
  • Make as gifts in pretty antique bottles.
    Fruit and Vegetables can be used straight from the fridge

    Roll an avocado stone around in your hands, then massage the residue into your face and hands to leave them supple.
    Puree cabbage leaves and strain. Use on oily skin to cleanse and tighten the pores.
    Mash very soft pears and apply to the face to cleanse oily skin.
    Watermelon juice is a cleanser and pore tightener. Strain, to remove pulp and seeds, then pat the juice all over the face.
    Fresh corn kernels, blended with the corn silk to produce a milky slush, are a skin soother.
    Strawberries will also soothe the skin--mash two and apply to the face.
    Wipe some cut pieces of cucumber or halved grapes over your face for a pleasant, refreshing feel.
    Puree some cucumber in a blender and use the juice as a bracing skin cleanser.
    To soften the skin, apply a small amount of mashed pawpaw to the face and leave for a few minutes only, then wash off. N.B. this is not recommended for sensitive or problem skin.


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