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Rabbit in the Moon

Short Guide to Rabbit Health

When you pick up your rabbit, give it a quick examination to check for health. Its eyes should be clean and bright, its fur and ears clean, and its bottom not glued up with droppings. When sitting quietly it should wriggle it's nose, and look alert when awake. Rabbits wake up quickly, and a floppy, dozy rabbit is a sick rabbit. Rabbits don't make much noise, and if they do, something is wrong. A rabbit who is off its food, or not drinking (take into account fluctuations in water requirements according to the temperature) may be very sick. Small animal vets can help you with most problems, but there is a lot you can do to prevent them. Hygiene and diet are the most important. If you keep your rabbit clean, and feed it well, chances are it will live to be 10 or more and never be sick. If you use a clean cage, clean hay, and don't let it come into contact with other rabbits, its chances of catching a disease will be kept to a minimum.

If your rabbit looks sick, phone your vet straight away.

Visit Pet to learn more about your rabbit's health.

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