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Rabbit Records

This is the chart I use myself to keep track of my rabbit breeding details. You can use it to see if babies are available. If they are highlighted in yellow they are ready to sell as pets. Highlighted in green they are ready to sell as fryers. Numbers indicate size of litter, not quantity available. Links to individual photos of breeding stock will be put up here soon.

Availability as at: 4th May 200 :

Due to success of Mount Forest Fur & Feather Sale last week we are completely sold out of baby rabbits.

Please see below for next available

NameDates, Litter, Sire
AphroditeApril 22nd (7 assorted - Heimdall) Pets/Fryers available June 22nd. Does will not be available for sale
ButterscotchMay 3rd (8 assorted - Heimdall) Pets/Fryers available July 3rd. Does will not be available for sale
MuffinDue May 7th (Fluffy)
PioneerDue May 17th (Heimdall)
HathorDue May 17th (James)
DanelleDue May 17th (Jupiter)
CirceDue May 26th (Fluffy)
NamasteDue May 26th (Luke)
AngelicaDue May 26th (Heimdall)
AnkhDue May 26th (Angus)
AthenaDue May 26th (Shiva)
LilithDue May 26th (James)
EostreDue May 26th (Angus)
MaiaDue May 27th (Heimdall)
PallasDue June 6th (Shiva)

Fluffy, Shiva, Pallas, Athena, and Namaste are Angoras.

Maia, Eostre, Lilith, Pan, Boston, Heimdall, and Circe are essentially "meat" rabbits. These also make excellent pets as they are very placid, but they may grow too large for a child to handle.

Danelle is dwarf

Angelica is a small Fuzzy Lop

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