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This is your Soapbox. Not a message board (yet) but a place to say your piece about something that offends you. There are many things being done to our ecosystem which affect our health, our children, our food, our livestock, our future.... We cannot always do much, but we CAN share the information. Knowing what is going on is half the battle. If you wish to comment on or challenge these pieces, I will post those too. Fair's fair.

To have your piece posted here simply e-mail it to me. Links to sites of this type of info are welcomed too.

From Ron:

UNITED POULTRY CONCERNS,  A Fascist, Totalitarian, misguided bunch of chicken

Why do I say this? After all, isn't the U.P.C. fighting the commercial poultry
industry to insure we get better quality chicken?   

Don't be fooled, they are NOT out to simply clean up the industry.  Yes it
sure needs it.  I think some of the practices used in todays poultry industry
are discusting:  The "fecal soup" all the "store bought" birds float in,for

But that is NOT what the U.P.C. is about.  If you casually peruse their
website, that's the imression you'd get though.  But dig deeper my friends.
Read the articles, as exaggerated and mis-directive as they are.  They
advocate stealing chickens, and worst of all, they are lobbying our government
to eventually eliminate by legislative mandate, ALL meat products from the
American diet!
I don't know about you, but trying to get our government to FORCE a vegan diet
on us is unamerican!  I don't like "big poultry" either!  THAT is why I raise
my own Chickens.  

Some of you may think, "well, their hearts are in the right places, even if
they aren't very smart. After all, they do rescue chickens"

   My response to that:  If trying to force us into being vegetarians is
negated by the fact that they steal a few chickens and feed'em and sing to 'em
or whatever, then your BRAIN isn't in the right place!!

 I must say that I'm surprised at the amount of small poultry people who raise
a few birds for meat and/or eggs who come to the defense of these morons.
The part of their brains that activate  the self defense mechanism must have
gotten clogged or something. 

Ask yourself this: Here's a group that feels the consumption of meat and eggs
is "cruel and Barbaric".  Let's assume for a minute that they finally do get
"big poultry".  Do you really think they're gonna fold up the tent and go
home!  Hell no! They ARE gonna come after us, the little guys! 

What scares the hell out of me is all the apathy and downright IGNORANCE I've
run into from people just like me, folks eatin a few birds, fryin a few eggs.
I'll tell ya, we're gonna fall like a house of cards when (not if) they come
after us!

I can already hear a few folks thinking;  "It'll be a ling time before these
zealots bring down big poultry.  Why the hell should I worry about them?"

You should worry about them because you are RIGHT!  Hell probably will freeze
over before they win!  I'm worried about whats gonna happen when they figure
out WE are easier to fight than big poultry.  I'm worried that they'll come
after us for the same reason they are vegetarians, vegetables are easier to

(NOTE to vegetarians who aren't out to force veganism on the rest of us. That
last statement was a joke, And I'd fight to defend your right to NOT eat meat
if someone was trying to force it on you)


From Matz in Sweden:
On a recent trip to Thailand it was discovered that 20th Century Fox is
making a movie called "The Beach" on Phi Phi Leh Island, a treasured
National Park in Thailand. Portions of the film, which stars Leonardo Di
Caprio (Titanic-fame), will be shot on Maya Beach on the island of Phi Phi
Leh. This is one of the most beautiful, unspoiled islands in the Pacific
and it is being destroyed to meet Hollywood's perception of paradise.

 The film company has already bulldozed large portions of the beach and
removed much of the natural vegetation (Giant Milkweed, Sea Pandanus,
Spider Lily and other beach grass) in order to widen the beach to
accommodate a football scene. Fox plans to replace the native vegetation
with 100 non-native coconut palms to create their "paradise."

Local Thai activists feared that removing the natural vegetation would
create serious erosion, and they were right. The beach has alread been
eroded and now locals are very worried about how much of the beach and bay
will remain after the monsoons.

Phi Phi Leh Island is supposedly protected as a National Park and is key
the local tourist economy. Thai activists report that Thailand's Royal
Forestry Department violated their own regulations and were bought off by
20th Century Fox, who paid the government Bhat 4 million.

Local activists are enraged that the government would cave in to Fox's
demands and that their concerns were ignored. Activists are not opposed to
filming on Maya Bay, but want the island to be filmed as-is. A lawsuit has
been filed, but an injunction to stop further destruction of the island

The local Thai people have tried everything, from the courts to blockading
the beach, to protect their island. They need our help. They ask the
American public to take action and boycott the film. The Thai people point
out that Americans would never allow Thai film makers to bulldoze
Yellowstone or other US National Parks. Hollywood must get the message
exploiting the environment and powerless people is unethical for mere

Please help the people of Thailand by:

1) Passing this message on to everyone you know.
2) Signing the petition below.
3) Write a letter to producer Andrew McDonald. Tell him you will boycott
the film unless 20th Century Fox stops destroying Maya Bay.

The address is:
Andrew MacDonald, Producer
c/o Carol Sewell
10201 W. Pico Blvd. Building 89, Room 224
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Check out web site of Maya Bay at:

Please sign the petition and forward to someone else. If your name is #50,
#100, #150 and so on, please send the petition back to:


TO: Andrew McDonald, Producer "The Beach"

We, the undersigned, will not see your film "The Beach" and will encourage
our friends and family to boycott the film unless you cease and desist
destroying Maya Bay by removing the native vegetation and planting coconut
palms. Maya Bay is already a paradise and does NOT need Hollywood's
unnecessary alterations.

1). Bryony Schwan, Missoula, Montana USA
2) Laura Scherubel, Missoula, MT, USA
3) Claire Emory, Ovando, MT USA
4) Carol Hett, Sheridan, WY USA
5) Sue Nackoney, West Yellowstone, MT USA
6) Anna R. Mosqueda, Sacramento, CA, USA
7) Barbara Warner, Lebanon, KY 40033
8) Nancy Ellen Smith, Woodstock, GA USA
9) Kathy Richmond, Vice President,Friends of the West,Clayton, ID
10) Scott Edgerton, Missoula, Montana, USA
11) Chuck Pezeshki, Director,Clearwater Biodiversity Project, Troy,ID
12) Ward Klemer, Seeley Lake, MT, USA
13) Aaron Coffin, Missoula, MT USA
14) Bruce Herbert, Seattle, WA USA
15) Eric Stewart, Eastpointe, MI USA
16) Lambert Rochfort, Bellingham, WA, USA
17) Anne Munier, Prince George, BC, Canada
18) Alexa Pitoulis, Prince George, BC, Canada
19) Seth Oldham, Prince George, BC, CAnada
20) Becky L'hirondelle, Prince George, BC, Canada
21) Keya White, Prince George, BC, Canada
22) Nicole Gagnon, Prince George, BC
23) Mirco Muntener, Prince George, BC, Canada
24) Keely Hunter, Prince George, B.C., Canada
25) Heather Lamb, Ottawa ON, Canada
26) Eric Lamb, Vancouver BC, Canada
27) Jana Heilbuth, Vancouver BC, Canada
28) Dawn Cooper
29) Shani Cote-Patch
30) Danna Schock
31) Glenn Sutter
32) Mark Segstro
33) Barbara Segstro
34) Pierre Mineau, Research Scientist, Canadian Wildlife
35) Chip Weseloh, Wildlife Biologist, Canadian Wildlife
ON Canada.
36) Kevin M. Brown, Research Scientist, Cornell University, New York, USA
37) Jacques Brodeur, Professor, Universite Laval, Quebec, Canada
38) Jacqui Shykoff, Research Associate, Paris, France
39) Gunilla Rosenqvist, Associate professor, Trondheim, Norway
40) Charlotta Kvarnemo, PhD, Stockholm University, Sweden
41) Amanda Vincent, PhD, McGill University, Canada
42) Glenn Moore, University of Western Australia, Australia
43) Roddy Hale, University of Western Australia, Australia
44) Fleur Davies, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
45) Jacqui Davison, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
46) Rosemary Mckay, Canberra, Australia
47) Anthony Pigounis, Canberra, Australia
48) Iska Sampson, Canberra, Australia
49) Dougal Torrance, Canberra, Australia
50) Jane Gough, Canberra, Australia
51) Mia Thurgate, bathurst, Australia
52) Peter Valentine, James Cook University, Townsville, Australia
53) Campbell Davies, Townsville, Australia
54) Melita Samoilys, Townsville, Australia
55) Rosalie Chapple, Sydney, Australia
56) Susan Turner, Singapore
57) Oliver Christen, Sydney, Australia
58) Kazemaru Yukawa, Tokyo, Japan
59) Torbjörn Abelli, Stockholm, Sweden
60) Lise-Lotte Norelius, Stockholm, Sweden
61) Thomas Scherlund
62) Jörgen Bergerstedt, Stockholm, Sweden
63) Matz Bjurström, Stockholm, Sweden

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