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The Simple Life - Homesteading and Self-Sufficiency

Not sure if simple is quite the right word for it. Sometimes it seems so complicated that I write plans for the day, to ensure everything gets done. But, it's all worth it, when I collapse in a heap of an evening. The sense of acheivement soothes the aches and pains.

The object of the exercise perhaps is not so much simplicity in that sense then. But it IS peaceful. Even when it's noisy and chaotic.

The idea is to say "I can do that" rather more. To create more, and buy less. To make do and mend.

The day begins. You sit at a table you built yourself, covered with a cloth you sewed yourself. You eat from a dish you threw and painted yourself. You eat cereal, bread, bacon, and eggs you grew and raised yourself. And when you finish, you go out and make some more.

Not everyone can or wants to do EVERYTHING. That is where trade comes in. You sell some eggs, and use the money to BUY a dish, and then you can skip the pottery. Or perhaps you prefer to make the dish, sell it, and buy eggs. Whatever, anything you can do yourself is one less thing you are dependant on others for - it's a type of freedom.

And you KNOW exactly what it is. If you cut down a tree, burn it to ashes, put it in a pail, cover it with straw you cut yourself, and make lye from this...then add it to fat from an animal you raised yourself, fed on crops you grew yourself, you can make soap. You don't need to buy in anything. All you do with it is wash your hands, but I promise you, that first bar you make will feel like royal jewels. If this lifestyle interests you, please read on.


Farm Life

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