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They say that a weed is just a wild flower in the wrong place. Of course some weeds are a real problem, suffocating crops or depriving them of their nutrients. When you are growing without herbicides you need to know: 1) Which weeds are the most troublesome, 2) How to get rid of them safely, and 3) What you are dealing with! This last one was what inspired me to create this part of the site. I found precious little on-line in the way of clear photos to identify weeds. So I am collecting my own photos. However, right now I need to identify some plants I have found locally. These aren't a problem, they're a delight! But I'd love to know what they are. Can you help? E-Mail me at if you know what any of these are

Weed 1

Weed 2

Weed 3

Weeds 4 (white bells) and 5 (yellow vetchy thing)

Weed 4 in close-up

We also have a tall grass we'd like to identify. Someone has suggested Grain Amaranth, but it has grassy leaves, unlike any amaranth I've ever seen. It likes wet land.

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