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William 1775 Fernhurst = Rose Dillaway

Aaron Boxall =  Ann Burt >
Aaron = Catherine Boxall (d.o.m. 1734)
Richard 1742 Farnhurst = Mary ? >

Humphrey Boxall = Elizabeth Young

Catherine Boxall = Aaron Boxall

Richard 1773 = Sarah Smithers >
Richard 1800 = Elizabeth Gommery >
Richard 1822 Easebourne

George 1805

William 1802 = Jane Glazier >
Henry 1832 = Emma Bacon

Ernest 1879

Charles 1848 = Sarah Hedger >

Harry 1873

George 1838

Jeremiah 1828 = Mary Knight >
Arthur 1848

Several versions of this line exist on-line and some have been conclusively proven to be incorrect.

One version presented to me shows William born 1802 as son of Thomas and Elizabeth Etherington  who married 1762. Please see Page Five - Odds and Ends Beginning with a Thomas.

There is another version of William 1775's parentage, with his mother being Elizabeth Carter.

I aim to be accurate on these pages, and really appreciate any corrections.

Note William 1802, not William 1775, married Jane Glazier.
Introduction and Explanation
Index of individuals first names and birthdates
Page One - Beginning William end 17th c. in Lodsworth.
Page Two - Beginning Richard b. 1742 in Farnhurst.
Page Three - Beginning William early 18th c. in Kirdford.
Page Four - Beginning William 1689 in Farnhurst
Page Five - Odds and Ends Beginning with a Thomas.
Page Six - Odds and Ends Beginning with a William or Robert.
Page Seven - Odds and Ends Beginning with a George, James, John, or Henry.
Latest Generations - Beginning Henry John end 19th c. in Lodsworth.

Other pages to follow.

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