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Edward 1770
Frederic George 1853

William 1745
Thomas 1771
James 1810
Charles 1855
William 1689 Farnhurst = Anne Carver >
William 1712 = Elizabeth Slade >
John 1749 = Mary Gilbart >
Robert 1777 = Anne Glazier
Edward 1812
Alfred 1858

Edward 1753
Thomas 1779

Thomas 1806 = Sarah Budd  (d.o.m.1852 Farnhurst) >
Edwin John 1871

William 1782
Edmund 1815 = Harriet Glue
Edmund John 1872

Thomas 1784 

I have a report of a William Boxall marrying Elizabeth Inward in 1739 having a son William born 1745. Compare to William 1745 above.

I have no links for any of these people to other pages. Note Robert 1777 married Anne Glazier. On Page 2 you will see that a William 1775 (or more likely 1802) married Jane Glazier. Both families appear to have lived in Farnham. Is this a coincidence or did two cousins marry two Glazier women?

Introduction and Explanation
Index of individuals first names and birthdates
Page One - Beginning William end 17th c. in Lodsworth.
Page Two - Beginning Richard b. 1742 in Farnhurst.
Page Three - Beginning William early 18th c. in Kirdford.
Page Four - Beginning William 1689 in Farnhurst
Page Five - Odds and Ends Beginning with a Thomas.
Page Six - Odds and Ends Beginning with a William or Robert.
Page Seven - Odds and Ends Beginning with a George, James, John, or Henry.
Latest Generations - Beginning Henry John end 19th c. in Lodsworth.

Other pages to follow.

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