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Boxalltree #10

Edward 1843 Lodsworth = Martha Varns > please see
 Boxalltree #11

Ivy May

Sarah 1845

Arthur Lawrence

Harriett 1848
died young

Winnie died young

Richard 1849
died young

Kathleen Winifred Mabel

John 1819 Lurgashall = Harriett Bentley>
William 1853
died young

James Wilfred


Ernest Cecil


John Victor

Esther 1850 Lodsworth = Richard Moseley

Herbert Rolph

Henry John b. 1854 Tillington

Herbert's twin

Ann 1822 Lodsworth
Harriett 1857 Tillington

Richard Joseph

Alexander Martin 1983

Mary 1824 Lodworth
Charlotte 1859 Lodsworth

Reginald died young

Rhiannon Leonie 1984*
For Edward's siblings and ancestors please see Boxalltree #9
Edward Boxall 1798 =
Charlotte Russell >

James 1825 Lodsworth = Ruth Bentley>
William 1860 Lodsworth = Harriett Rolfe>
Henry John Boxall 1882 Lodsworth = Mary Margaret Paine >
Douglas Reginald = 2nd marriage Marion Constance Richardson >
Martin Richardson 1960 = Melanie Rose Wake 1962
Sian Elizabeth 1989

Herbert 1886

James Richardson 1992

Rolf 1887

Thomas Frederick 1993

Ernest 1891

Michael Ralph Douglas 1996

Ada 1894

Melanie Rose Wake is the Website author - this research was begun for my children who you can see photos of on this site.
Please see my INDEX page.

To see the other lines in our family such as Wake, Norton, Druitt, Hooker, Macnamara, Winfield, Hudson, Corke, Paine, Richardson, Marshall, Kingsnorth, Hanson, Trowell, Wood, Peckham, Kirk, etc:
Please see the Main Genealogy Page

*Very likely that Rhiannon will become a Galbraith in the not too distant future. Expect to see their lineage and tartan on this site shortly.........