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The Plan
I'm attempting to put together an on-line family tree of all the Boxalls of Sussex and their ancestors and decendants.  It's probably an unending task, as I collect more data daily, and the wonderful research done by others is supplied to me to add to my charts.

I am indebted to Ronnie Mensch and Jill Salt of the Boxall ONS at GOONS , and to the many Boxalls around the world who have contacted me with their own details.

Got anything to add? Jill and Ronnie collect ANY snippet of information on the Boxalls,  so please send anything at all you can find to:
See also mailing list below!

You will see I have colour coded dates by half-centuries. This is for my own quick reference. However the coloured areas also help keep siblings together in a group where the trees widen. I've tried to make it easy to follow. A couples' names are followed by a forward-pointing arrow, which leads to their sons' names. Where it was necessary to leave gaps between siblings to spread the tree out, I have inserted a | to join, and coloured the field in. I may change the complete layout at some stage, as I am not satisfied with this, but have yet to figure out a better method.

Birthplaces, where known, are given after birth date.
All dates shown are birthdates unless marked otherwise .  This is a brief identification for the sake of space on the charts. Full details can be found by clicking on the name. Not all female siblings that  I have records for are on the chart yet. This is a labour of love, and a work in progress, and it is taking some time!

I invite corrections and further information. There are lots of gaps to fill in, including many boys' names with no heirs. If you are a Boxall, or are researching Boxall history and would like your contact details added on this site, I will happily do so. 

I have presently divided the tree into pages, whereby all connected people are on the same page. As I find links between pages I will either combine them or provide hypertext links. For that reason please bookmark/link to this page, not individual ones, as their names may change.

The Indexes
There are four ways to look up an individual on this site.  These have been chosen according to the navigation I would like available on the big genealogy sites!

First names alphabetically.

Places of origin alphabetically.

Places of origin by image map.

Birthdates in order.

I plan to add a search facility next. Watch this space for updates.

There is a Boxall mailing list at Rootsweb. See you there!

The Websmith
I'm not a proper genealogist, just a keen amateur historian finding my family's roots . However I am one half of a blossoming mother & son website design business. Please contact us for details of competitively priced innovative HTML, CGI, JAVASCRIPT and graphics.

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