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The Wake Tree

My aim here is to link my poor working class Wakes back to the noble ones of yore. Yes, I expect to find a lineage back to Geoffrey Wac. I don't expect this to be an easy's what I have so far!

James Wake

George Wake
Abingdon, Berks 1837

Elizabeth Trinder

Frank Wake
Abingdon, Berks 1867

John Cross

Fanny Cross
Abingdon, Berks 1839

Francis George Wake
Penge, Surrey 9 JUN 1895

Rose Russell
Bexleyheath, Kent 1872

Ralph Terence Wake
Welling, Kent 21 JUN 1928
d. 12 AUG 1962

Florence Mabel Hooker
Woolwich 1900


Melanie Rose Wake
Bexleyheath, Kent 27 MAR 1962

George Lees Norton


Doris Norton
Greenwich, London 10 NOV 1927

Jessie Dora Druitt


You can see Francis George Wake's birth and marriage certificates as examples on my documents page, and his photo on my Introduction page.

Here's George Wake in 1910 with the Abingdon Morris Dancers (he's holding the horns).

A much larger version of this picture can be seen here.

See also Wakes of Abingdon

Please be patient as I upload over 400 pages of scribbled notes... Charts up so far:

Chart 4 - Richard, Sawley
Chart 5 - The first Wake baronets
Wake Dynasties of Soham, Cambridge (work in progress, all other details available by e-mail until chart fully uploaded).
The Wakes of Yorkshire

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P.S. If any of my cousins find this, please get in touch. I lost your e-mail addresses when my resident computer gremlin ate Outlook Express late one night.