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A warm welcome to the genealogy section of my website.  The navigation of this section is a little complex so please pay attention at the back.  Each family line has been treated as a separate section at a different point in time. This depends on just how much information I have on that line. Obviously photos etc are restricted to recent ancestors. Two lines, the Boxalls and Wakes , have been given extra attention as they are our "main" lines.  

The best place to begin is the quickie "tree" chart which gives a look at the available recent lines. At any point if you see an ancestor we share, please contact me straight away, as I have far more information in written notes than I can ever hope to upload. You may notice that I use several different chart styles. I am experimenting with these and welcome any feedback. Feel free to report broken links, however some of these are simply pages yet to be uploaded. The following list of lines will contain some unlinked names until I get round to those pages. Work is being done on a daily basis but this is a long-term project. Read my Gentroduction to learn more about me and why I got into this.

Boxall , Wake , Norton , Druitt, Hooker, Macnamara, Wingfield, Hudson, Russelll, Corke, Paine, Richardson , Marshall , Kingsnorth , Hanson, Trowell , Wood, Packham, Kirk, Newenden, Waterman, Vane, Baldock, Hues, Cramp, Small, Steede, Allen.
A longer list of surnames.

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Thank you!

I must acknowledge all the help I have been given with data for these trees by relatives and strangers without whom this site would not exist. The very heart of modern on-line genealogy is favours by strangers, please see my links page for more details of how this works. The only way I can repay these people is indirectly, by offering my assistance to anyone who asks for it. In addition to sharing my own notes I visit cemetaries, libraries, museums etc in my own area to look for information for those further distant. I live in Grey County, Ontario, Canada, and will happily do genealogical favours for anyone needing aid with data from this area. I make a point of studying local history, which is absolutely fascinating. This part of Ontario was initially settled mainly by immigrants from Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Holland, and Eastern Europe.